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Sat, 2017-03-25 22:50

Tempo sessions continue on Thursdays at 7pm. Members of Athenry AC are very welcome to join us!

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5KM Series opens on @ 8PM

Fri, 2017-03-24 20:00
Date: Friday, 24 March, 2017 - 20:00

Galway 5KM Series opens for entries at 8PM VERY SHARP.

See here or!

It's a long, long way to Tipperary but longer again to Waterford

Mon, 2017-03-20 12:29
At the recent Coldwood 4M road race (late-January 2017) Andy Talbot mentioned to me how he was trying to make a team for the National Masters cross-country, which was to be held in Waterford in a few weeks. Knowing full well this would be no place for slow runners, and only the crème de la crème would be there, I gave him a 'maybe' but try and get someone better instead.   I'm sure Andy did his best with his recruiting drive but come race day we had four runners three Martins: Hynes (Tuam AC), McEvilly (GCH), & myself (Athenry AC) and Andy (Clare River Harriers) himself to make up a Galway O/65 team. When I heard it was three to score, I could travel without too much stress as the 'spare wheel'. Last Sunday (12 February 2012) on a bitterly cold morning we assembled in the Maldron Hotel (Oranmore) car park. When we knew everyone else was on the road, Andy and I hit off, shortly after 8AM.   I joked with my passenger that as we travelled south the temperatures might rise; like hell it did: a few miles out the road I was getting 'risk of ice' messages on the car dash. Looking over at Andy I thought he might say, 'Should we turn home?' but not so with him. At Kilcolgan we were stopped at a Garda checkpoint. The Garda with the breathalyser in his hand first craned his neck on the windscreen and then gave us a thorough eyeball before letting us continue on our journey.   Shortly after joining the motorway near Gort we met an ambulance and a Garda car both traveling very fast with sirens/blue lights on. I thought to myself, 'There is someone who won't be too concerned with running today'. We went through Limerick City, on through East Limerick past Dromkeen (home of one of our esteemed club members), Tipperary Town and then on to Clonmel, where we pulled into a filing station to get a cup of tea and stretch the legs. Then on to Carrick-on-Suir, where we passed lots of cyclists, out for a spin with the local club I'd say. A lasting legacy of the great Sean Kelly!   Further on, we went through Mooncoin, with not a sight of a rose to be seen. Very soon we were parking the car in the grounds of WIT Sports Campus. On getting out of the car we were hit with a cold Baltic/Siberian cold breeze and I thought, 'Am I going to freeze to death here today?' We went to the sports hall, which thankfully was a bit warmer, as quick as we could. A bit of delay here to get our numbers, but I didn't care as there were lots of people there we knew to have the craic with.    A bit of bravery again for Andy and myself to jog around the course before the race, and although it was fairly dry underfoot it didn't have much level ground as it was mostly uphills and downhills, with several bends and one very nasty hairpin thrown in. I just don't like cross-country and to make matters worse, it made a shower of rain before our race started and that made things a bit slippy too.   I never got going right during the race and did struggle out on the course.  I wasn't last but it was a close-run thing in the end.   After the race I went back to the hall and decided to have a shower, not that I sweated much, but I was hoping it might put a bit of heat into my still frozen body. The water was barely tepid :-(. They had a shop with teas, snacks etc. so I joined a long slow-moving queue with two people serving inside the counter. How people can work so slowly I can't make out - even slower than my previous running?    While having the snack, we learned that one of our own GCH runners suffered a serious leg injury when he was within sight of the finish gantry. He had to be taken away by ambulance to the hospital. Speedy recovery Seamus as, unlike me, you still have youth on your side. Those of us who can remember the 1956 Aintree Grand National will recall the Queen's horse, Devon Loch, falling within 50 yards of the finishing post.    We went inside to the main hall for the prize-giving, which I must say they got completed in very quick time. The sound system wasn't very clear so I had trouble hearing the winners' names. I was talking to someone when another person standing nearby came over and gave me a slap on the shoulder and said, "Get up there ye have won the team title!"    The Galway O/65 team were presented with our medals by Athletics Ireland President Georgina Drumm. It's all about being in right place at the right time. I was half-expecting a medal for stripping off on such a cold day, but not for running, now that was a surprise.   Of course the higher up the age bracket you go, the easier it is to win, but the race is there for everyone to have a go and no one is barred from entering. Time now for to make the long journey home and this time we didn't make any pit-stops. As we came near Gort at about the same place where we met the ambulance in the morning, we heard that a woman was killed in a car accident near Kilimor at about the same time we left Oranmore. Another young woman in Kildare out for a spin with her cycling club that morning was also knocked down and killed. We might have been happy with our win in Waterford but for those two families to get that news, say no more. The agony and the ecstasy of life.   To my three colleagues who did all the hard running on the day, thanks lads I enjoyed your company. Yes it's a long, long, long way to Waterford but it was worth it all in the end.   Martin Keane.   P.S. See also here. and here. Category: Race Reports

Craughwell 10M result

Sun, 2017-03-19 21:58

See here and attached for provisional result from today's race, Sunday 19 March 2017.

Congrats to Craughwell AC on a superb event today.  

A good smattering of Athenry AC athletes competed successfully, which saw Laura Shaughnessy (DSD, ex-Loughrea AC) first person home.  Has this ever happened before in a local road race, a lady being the first home?  Congratulations to this excellent local athlete on this pretty unique achievement!

Category: Race Result Attachments: craughwell10_2017.pdf

Abbey 8KM result and report

Tue, 2017-03-14 20:40
The biggest and best ever Abbey (Loughrea) 8KM race took place in Abbey village last Sunday, 12 March 2017.   There were almost three hundred participants, a record for the event. Conditions were ideal for the Annual 8K run.   The newly-designed course was flat which yielded some very fast finishing times. There was a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters present to support all athletes.   The first senior home was Martin Glynn from Clare AC in Ennis in 27:25. He was followed by Stephen McKeigue. Daire Comer was third home.   Athenry AC was well represented at this event. Mary Keady (Athenry AC) was first lady home in 34.18. She was followed by Maeve Flannery. Mairéad Blake also Athenry AC was third home.   David Carter (Galway City Harriers) was the first junior home while Anna Behan (Abbey) was the first junior lady home.    The full list of results are here with the main prize winners as follows;   Senior Men. 1st Martin Glynn Clare AC (27.25), 2nd Steven McKeigue (27.41) Daire Comar (28.39). Senior Ladies. 1st Mary Kealy Athenry AC (34.18), 2nd Maeve Flannery (34.50), 3rd Mairead Blake Athenry AC (36.08). Male Over 40. 1st Padraig Kelly (North Sligo AC). Female Over 40. 1st Katie Gorman (Craughwell AC). Male Over 50. Ryszard Koboylo (Poland). Female Over 50. Dolores Higgins (Tuam AC). Male Over 60. Martin Kearney (Galway City Harriers). Male Junior. David Carter (Galway City Harriers). Female Junior. Anna Behan (Abbey). Male Local. 1st Pat McDonagh (Coolfin and Athenry AC). Female Local. 1st Mary Connolly (Ballygowan and Maree AC).   John O'Connor (Edenhill77) was there to capture the action and three sets of photos can be found here. Category: Race Result

Ballycotton 10M result

Mon, 2017-03-13 22:03

See here for a full result from the recent Ballycotton 10, Sunday 12 March 2017.  

At least five AAC athletes made the long trip down to this 40th running (1978-2017) of the classic distance: Lyall Guiney, Martin Keane, Ray Somers, Mairea Sullivan and James Lundon.  

All finished in good form. Many of the logistical arrangments of the race were changed from last year, to allow the ever-increasing numbers (nearly 3000 finished) flow seamlessly to & from the start/finish area.  Weather stayed dry for the most part but it was quite breezy.

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2017 Galway 5KM Series announced

Tue, 2017-03-07 22:28
The ever popular Galway 5KM series is back again this year.   One notable change is that this year Tuam will not be hosting a leg this year due to roadworks on their route. Caltra will be taking their place.   The Athenry race will once again be the final leg of the series and we are currently working to finalise the actual route.   Entries will open at 8pm on Friday March 24th on Active. As usual it will more than likely sell out very quickly.    Entry will remain at €30 and to qualify for your T-Shirt you will need to complete four legs. Volunteering to help on our leg will count towards this.   The full schedule of races is   Galway City Harriers - 25.04.2017 @ 7:30pm Caltra & District AC - 02.05.2017 @ 8pm Craughwell AC - 09.05.2017 @ 8pm Loughrea AC - 16.05.2017 @ 8pm Clare River Harriers - 23.05.2017 @ 8pm Athenry AC - 30.05.2017 @ 8pm Category: Running News

Kinvara Rock and Road 04 Mar 2017

Mon, 2017-03-06 22:21

After the biblical floods in the week preceding Kinvara Rock and Road 2017 it was a pleasant surprise to wake up to a dry, blustery cool morning race day.
Pat Mc and Michael D (Ok, our own Mick D) joined Mary and I on this short road trip. The mood was positive, as we had all feared far worse weather conditions. We arrived in Kinvara without much fuss in the way of traffic and got parking hassle free in the middle of the village. We then made our way to the community hall where we got the VIP treatment by the mostly Athenry crew manning the number pick up desks. The superb Kinvara long sleeve running top was also a very welcome addition to the running gear basket. We were all very relaxed as everything was falling into place like clockwork and hopes were high that this would continue for a few more hours
Athenry AC’s Luca Lualdi was in the hall and feeling excited at the prospect of racing his first half marathon. He had an ambitious target of sub 1:50 and as luck would have it, his partner Angel along with Pat Mc were pacing that distance. He was in good hands.

The decision on what to wear was topical as the wind was biting a little. Toughen up and go for just a singlet and risk freezing or layer up and overheat. Went out for a few miles pre-race with Mick D and Jane Ann and also met Mark Mitchell who was out on the quite country warm-up route. With the long sleeve top and windcheater on it began to warm up a little. Decision made in conjunction with running mates that the singlet was all that was required (and shorts I suppose)

Kinvara is one of those races that is so well organised, once you manage to get yourself to that start line in time the stewards will handle everything else. The 10k started at midday and the half marathon kicked off at 12:10 as intended. The maroon singles of Athenry AC were out in force over both distances. At the start of the half marathon we chatted with Orla S, Kieran G, Speedy, Martin O H and Kenneth O’ D, to name but a few of the other club members taking on the course.
No surprise to those of us that have ran this race previously that the first 4 miles are uphill. We had the wind at our backs on this section which helped greatly in reducing the effort required on the inclines. Plan was to speed up slightly at the 4 mile turn off but the blustery wind had a different plan in store. At the turn off into the open Burren landscape the wind was head on and maintaining current pace was the main focus. It may be a wonderful sight in different circumstances but this 3 mile stretch of open barren lunar landscape did little to excite me. Grit the teeth and keep those legs moving.
The photos captured by Anne Lyng around the halfway mark confirmed this was the case!
We all expected a break from the wind at around the 7.5 mile mark as we turned back towards home but for some reason this was also into a headwind and the nearby mountains seemed to work against us. By mile 10 we had the wind at our backs and the final few miles went by pretty quickly, apart from a killer short hill at mile 11, ouch!
The finish line gantry is top notch and included live commentary on each runner that passed.

The chat with the 10k runners seemed to indicate that times were pretty consistent with the target plan before the race whereas the half marathon runners indicated it was a little tougher than pre-race expectations due to the breezy nature of the day.

Post race refreshment were a real “treat” and the carrot cake and coffee was more that welcome.

A snapshot of some of the Athenry runners included Caroline Moore who ran 44:37 and Bernie Mulryan ran 45:44 securing excellent category wins for both athletes in the 10k. Mairead Blake completed the course in a time of 46:37 and was delighted with 3rd place in her category.
Luca romped home in 1:49:35 in the half marathon, job done!
Jane Ann Meehan finished in a very credible second place overall running the half as a training 2:50 marathon pace run in preparation for her next outing over marathon distance. Tammy Corrigan was 3rd in her category and finished strongly in 1:33:37 alongside Ronan “Speedy” McCarth and Yvonne Fehily. Kevin Devane ran a 2:04, Sheelagh Earls completed the course in 1:56 with Kenneth O Dea running a strong 1:39.

Congrats to Chris Deakin and co. for hosting such a wonderful event and delighted the weather picked up on the day to make it a most enjoyable outing for all.

Hopefully we will all be in good health to make it to Kinvara Rock and Road 2018!



Race Report Gearoid Rohan

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Kilconieron 5 Mile

Sun, 2017-02-26 21:21