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Kenneth takes on the Art O'Neill Challenge

Athenry AC News - Sat, 2016-01-16 14:27

On January 6th, 1592 Art O’Neill, his brother Henry, and Red Hugh O'Donnell made a bid for freedom from Dublin Castle. It was the middle of winter and Ireland was held fast in its icy clutches but they hoped to reach the relative safety of the remote Glenmalure Valley over 50km away.
Ill equipped and underfed they were the only prisoners ever to successfully escape captivity from Dublin Castle but it was an ill fated journey with Art O’Neill dying from exposure only miles from his goal.

Kenneth O'Hara took on this challenge starting at midnight last night and running through the night. Conditions were tough, it was cold with clear skies following snow falls in recent days. Kenneth was hoping to finish the race in 10 hours. He crossed the line in 9 hours 37 mins well ahead of his target time. Congrats Kenneth on a great achievement, looking forward to your race report!!

Anne Lyng

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Performance of the Year Award goes to Jane Ann Meehan

Athenry AC News - Sat, 2016-01-16 00:14

Jane Ann receiving "Performance of the Year Award" at tonight's AGM from Tony Killarney in recognition of her incredible years running in 2015. Congratulations Jane Ann from Athenry AC.

Anne Lyng

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Craughwell 10 Mile 2016

Craughwell Athletics - Thu, 2016-01-14 22:40

Craughwell 10 Mile Road Race is now a little over 9 weeks away. Enter at

Craughwell 10 Flyer 2016

Not good

MattsBlog - Sun, 2016-01-10 23:30
A pretty crap week. A poor start to the week training-wise - too much happening and I managed to get a few treadmill runs in (recovery pace). On Thursday I was taking the session in Claremorris with Mayo AC and my foot started to hurt (same problem as last week). Same pain the next day and just tried a few easy runs for the rest of the week. I can run but as soon as I lift the intensity the pain kicks in. Not sure what it is - the pain is on the underside of the foot beneath the second toe (index toe?). I'll take it easy for a few days to see if it settles. Hopefully nothing serious - just need to be sensible for a while, Pretty frustrating as I wanted to get back into things but I guess I've had a pretty good streak of injury free running the last 5 years!