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Magical 2 metres for Jerry at Connacht T&F

Craughwell Athletics - Thu, 2016-07-07 01:03


Ailbhe Miskella and Dearbhaile Walshe

Silver medallists in the U15 Girls 1500m and in the U18 Girls 2000m S/C and 3000m
at the Connacht Track & Field in Sligo

Craughwell AC enjoyed another marvellous weekend at the 2nd day of the Connacht Championships which were held in Sligo at the weekend. There were some remarkable performances across the age groups with many highlights particularly in the high jump where Jerry Keary broke the club’s record with an impressive 2m leap to win the U17 boys event and Ryan Gallagher set a new age group record with a 1.65m clearance to win the U16 boys high jump and in the process medalled 3 times with podium finishes in the hurdles and 200m also, a feat repeated Caoilin Milton with triple medals in the U17 girls long jump, triple jump and 200m, and by Conor Hoade with triple medals in the U13 hurdles, high jump and long jump. There were also some impressive results in the relays with the U14 boys and U15 girls racing to the Connacht titles in their 4x100m, while the U13 boys and U17 girls took silver and the U14 girls took bronze.

Full details of the Craughwell top-4 finishers are as follows:

U13 Boys Long Jump 1 Conor Hoade (4.39); 60mH 2 Conor Hoade (10.05); High Jump 2 Conor Hoade (1.35), 3 Robert Urquhart (1.33), Lukas Schukat/Liam McDonagh (1.25); Javelin 3 Robert Urquhart (25.88), Javelin 4 Liam McDonagh (25.50); Shot Putt 4 Oisin Keane (7.41); 4x100m 2 Lukas Schukat, Liam Mulveen, Conor Hoade, Rian Kearney, Liam McDonagh (56.00).

U13 Girls High Jump 3 Saoirse Pierce (1.25).

U14 Boys 75mH 1 Jack Farrell (13.18); Discus 1 Conor Trehy (13.17); Javelin 1 Sean Cahill (25.24); 1500m 2 Sean Cotter (5.15.89); High Jump 2 James Furey (1.25), 3 Alex Creaven (1.20); Long Jump 2 Shaun Gilligan (4.52), 4 Padraig Martyn (4.20); Shot Putt 3 Sean Cahill (8.43); 80m 3 Shaun Gilligan (11.04), 4 Pascal Walsh (11.24); 200m 4 Shaun Gilligan (28.55); 800m 4 Sean Cotter (2.34.8); 4x100m 1 Pascal Walsh, Robert Urquhart, Padraic Martyn, Shaun Gilligan, sub Ludaigh Morgan (55.20).

U14 Girls High Jump 1 Ellie Cronin (1.40); High Jump 2 Aine Kelly (1.35) / Ava Finn (1.35); Javelin 2 Lauren McNally (23.12); Long Jump 2 Aine Kelly (4.42); 4x100m 3 Aine Kelly, Ellie Cronin, Emma Jane Moran, Ava Finn, subs Ciara Hughes, Aoife Kelly (56.93).


Ryan Gallagher Connacht U16 High Jump Champion 2016

U15 Boys High Jump 1 Ryan Gallagher (1.65); U15 Boys Long Jump 1 Conor Roberts (4.89), 2 Garvin Surlis (4.72); 200m 2 Ryan Gallagher (26.34); 1500m 3 Finbarr McFadden (5.02.96); 80mH 3 Ryan Gallagher (13.27); 800m 4 Finbarr McFadden (2.24.2).

U15 Girls High Jump 1 Freya Bohan (1.45); Long Jump 1 Leanagh Gilligan (4.66); Shot Putt 1 Chloe Casey (12.04); 200m 2 Freya Bohan (28.83); 1500m 2 Ailbhe Miskella; 100m 3 Freya Bohan (13.56); 4x100m 1 Ava Finn, Chloe Casey, Leanagh Gilligan, Freya Bohan (54.21).

U16 Girls 100m 1 Siona Lawless (12.97); 200m 2 Siona Lawless; Discus 2 Leigha O'Boyle (12.90); Javelin 2 Leigha O'Boyle (11.94).

U17 Boys High Jump 1 Jerry Keary (2.00); Long Jump 1 Daniel Callanan-Forde (5.99), 2 Louis Molloy (5.27); 100m 4 Louis Molloy (12.54).


Craughwell AC's U17 Girls 4x100m Team, silver medallists at the Connacht Track Championships
Shauna Tobin, Ciana Reidy, Laura Cunningham, Aoife Walshe

U17 Girls Triple Jump 1 Laura Cunningham (9.72), 2 Caoilin Milton (8.79); High Jump 1 Laura Cunningham (1.50), 2 Ciana Reidy (1.45), 3 Aoife Walsh (1.40); Long Jump 1 Aoife Walsh (4.52), 2 Caoilin Milton (4.45), 3 Ciana Reidy (4.34), 4 Laura Cunningham (4.32); 200m 3 Caoilin Milton (28.13); 4x100m 2 Aoife Walsh, Ciana Reidy, Shauna Tobin, Laura Cunningham (55.48).

U18 Boys Shot Putt 2 Ben Garrard (9.47); 800m 3 Ben Garrard (2.12.0), Long Jump 3 Ben Garrard (5.21),.

U18 Girls 3000m 2 Dearbhaile Walshe (12.02.9), 2000m Steeplechase 2 Dearbhaile Walshe (8.03.9).

Full results are here: results.


Craughwell AC's Laura Cunningham and Caoilin Milton
Gold and silver medallists in the U17 Girls Triple Jump
at the Connacht Track & Field Championships

Impressive Performances at Day 1 of Connacht T&F

Craughwell Athletics - Thu, 2016-07-07 01:03

Craughwell AC U12 Athletics Squad at the Connacht Championships in Dangan


Connacht U10 Boys 4x100m Champions 2016

Another bumper day of athletics saw Craughwell AC shine at the Connacht U9-12 Track & Field Championships which were held in Dangan in Saturday. The club placed in the top 4 an incredible 54 times over the 46 different events held throughout the day. There were many fine performances from a large number of Craughwell AC athletes, most notably Evan Hallinan’s 1.45m clearance to take gold in the U12 Boys high jump and the sheer dominance of the U10 Girls’ sprints and relays where Craughwell AC athletes took gold and silver.

Full details of those placing in the top 4 at the Connacht Championships at the weekend are as follows:-

U9 Girls 60m 4 Keevagh Barry (10.69) / Emily Kinane (10.97); 300m 3 Katelyn Walsh (58.74) / Kelly Hallinan (63.25); Long Jump 2 Katelyn Walsh (2.94) / Emma O’Donovan (2.93), 3 Kelly Hallinan (2.51) / Keevagh Barry (3.13); Turbo Javelin 4 Gemma Hallinan (7.30) / Kiera Mernagh (6.65); 4x100m 3 Craughwell: Kathlyn Walsh, Chloe Keane Keevagh Barry, Emily Kinane, sub Abby Haugh (71.54), 4 Craughwell (71.79).

U9 Boys 60m 1 Ben Moran (10.10) / Dara Zimmerer (10.38); 300m 1 Ben Moran (56.12) / Keelan Moorhead (56.32), 4 Caelan Coleman (1.01.89) / Sean Hoade (58.74); Long Jump 1 Dara Zimmerer (3.29) / Keelan Moorhead (2.89); 4x100m 1 Craughwell: Ben Moran, Dara Zimmerer, Keelan Moorhead, Sean Hoade, sub Caelan Coleman (68.64).


U10 Girls 60m 1 Tara Keane (10.19) / Isabel Schukat (10.21), 2 Ella Farrelly (10.21) / Evie Culhane (10.29); Long Jump 1 Shannon Quinn (3.51) / Ella Farrelly (3.76), 2 Sophie McIlrath (3.29) / Isabel Schukat (3.28); Turbo Javelin 2 Tara Keane (16.60) / Mollie Gilligan (11.80), 4 Jessica Shannon (12.00) / Lily Lopez (11.50); 500m 4 Sophie McIlrath (1.44.74) / Gillian Crowe (1.46.56); 4x100m 1 Craughwell: Isobel Schukat, Evie Culhane, Tara Keane, Ella Farrelly, sub Sophie McIllrath (64.79), 2 Craughwell: Mollie Gilligan, Shannon Quinn, Gillian Crowe, Sophie McIllrath, sub Maiah Fleetwood (65.39).

U10 Boys 60m 3 Cian Connaughton (9.72) / Steven Jennings (10.14); 500m 3 Cian Connaughton (1:37.42) / Fionn Higgins (1:37.54); Long Jump 2 Steven Jennings (3.58) / Darragh Kelly (3.42), 3 Rian Comer (3.50) / Ewan Walsh (3.37); Turbo Javelin 3 Dylan Martin (14.40) / Jack Murray (12.90); 4x100m 1 Craughwell: Stephen Jennings, Sean Lavan, Darragh Kelly, Cian Connaughton, sub Rian Comer (63.18).


U11 Girls Long Jump 2 Chloe Hallinan (3.72) / Isabella Boland (3.61), 4 Grace Keaveney (3.33) / Grace Lynch (3.40); Turbo Javelin 2 Eabha Neary (12.71) / Jenny Cloonan (11.86); 4x100m 2 Craughwell: Aoibhe Donnellan, Grace Keaveney, Grace Lynch, Chloe Hallinan, sub Isabella Boland (62.57).

U11 Boys 600m 2 Eddie Silke (1.57.06) / Evan Moran (2.03.46); Long Jump 4 Conor Gilligan (3.69) / Tomas Fitzgerald (3.48); Turbo Javelin 2 Adam Jordan (16.72) / Darragh Kearney (20.54); 4x100m 1 Craughwell: Evan Moran, Cathal Sweeney, Eddie Silke, Jamie Collins, sub Conor Gilligan (61.18).


U12 Girls 60m Hurdles 2 Katie Scully (12.20); Long Jump 1 Katie Scully (4.00); High Jump 4 Aoibhe Carr (1.20); Turbo Javelin 1 Aoibhe Fahy (17.66), 3 Millie Geraghty (15.79), 4 Megan Gilligan (15.32); Shot Putt 2 Rosemary Maduka (6.03), 3 Shauna Donoghue (5.97), 4 Aoibhe Fahy (5.76); 4x100m 4 Craughwell: Aoibhe Carr, Jade Moorhead, Fauve Aylmer, Katie Scully, sub Sadhbh Irwin (61.06).

U12 Boys 60m Hurdles 1 Evan Hallinan (11.14), 2 Cian Lavan (11.72), 4 Daniel Galvin (12.02); 600m 3 Daniel Galvin (1.48.58); High Jump 1 Evan Hallinan (1.45), 4 Cian Lavan (1.15); Long Jump 1 Evan Hallinan (4.38), 4 Cian Lavan (3.86); Turbo Javelin 4 Cormac Conneely (20.80); 4x100m 4 Craughwell: Ryan McDonnell, Daniel Galvin, Evan Hallinan, Cian Lavan, sub Killian Walsh (59.22).


Full results are here:- U9-11 U12


Athletes shine at Galway Community Games

Craughwell Athletics - Thu, 2016-07-07 01:03

Craughwell U12 Girls 4x100m Relay Team
Galway Community Games Champions 2016

The Galway Community Games finals were held in Ballinderrin recently with a new 1-day format replacing the old 2 days of heats and finals. 

The Craughwell Community Games area had some exceptional performances with all 4 relay teams finishing in the medals as well as several individual Galway titles and podium finishes. The relays saw fantastic victories for the U13 Mixed 4x100m team (Robert Urquhart, Padraig Martyn, Emma Jane Moran, Ava Finn, subs Rebecca Lynch, Liam Mulveen) and the U12 Girls 4x100m team (Ailish Burke, Fauve Aylmer, Erin Kelly, Jade Moorhead) while the remaining 2 teams from the parish took bronze medals in their finals - U10 Mixed 4x100m team (Grace Keaveney, Cormac McFadden, Grace Lynch, Ben Moran, subs Eamonn McGlynn and Isabella Boland) and U12 Boys 4x100m team (Jamie Collins, Evan Hallinan, Cathal Kelly, Evan Moran).

In the individual events, the strong performances continued with Galway titles for Ryan Gallagher (U16 Boys High Jump), Rebecca Lynch (U14 Girls Javelin), Kyle Moorhead (U14 Boys 800m), Padraig Martyn (U14 Boys Long Jump), Grace Lynch (U10 Girls 60m Hurdles), Cormac McFadden (U10 Boys 60m Hurdles); silver medals for Liam Mulveen (U14 Boys Long Jump), Ava Finn (U14 Girls Long Jump) and Lauren Morgan (U8 Girls 60m); and bronze for Finbar McFadden (U16 Boys 1500m) and Daniel Galvin (U12 Boys 600m).

Clarinbridge’s Liam McDonagh and Oisin Keane also got in the medals with silver and bronze in the U14 Boys javelin as did Carrabane’s Cian Connaughton who took the bronze in the U10 Boys 100m. Oranmore’s Oisin Lyons had an impressive gun to tape victory in the U16 Boys 1500m.


Oisin Lyons and Finbar McFadden
Gold and bronze medallists in the U16 1500m at the Galway Community Games 2016


Craughwell U13 Mixed 4x100m Relay Team
Galway Community Games Champions 2016


Craughwell U12 Boys 4x100m Relay Team
Bronze medallists at the Galway Community Games 2016


Kyle Moorhead and Ryan Gallagher
Galway Community Games U14 Boys 800m and U16 Boys High Jump Champions 2016


Craughwell U10 Mixed Relay Team
Bronze medallists at the Galway Community Games 2016

Chloe Claims Silver at Irish Schools Finals

Craughwell Athletics - Thu, 2016-07-07 01:02


The pinnacle event of the athletics season for secondary schools took place in Tullamore at the weekend with the Irish Schools Track & Field. Several athletes from the club were in action with the highlight being Chloe Casey’s (St Raphael’s) silver medal in the Junior Girls shot putt with an exceptional throw of 12.32m. Chloe also placed 8th in the 200m in a time of 27.84.

Daniel Callanan-Forde (St Raphael’s) had a fine performance to place 4th in the Intermediate Boys long jump with a best of 6.18m and 5th in the triple jump with a best of 12.60. Gerry Keary contained a remarkable day for the Loughrea school with a 4th place finish in the Intermediate Boys high jump with a leap of 1.85m. Matthew McKernan (Calasanctius) had a fine PB of 12.98m to take 6th place in the Senior Boys triple jump.

Laura Cunningham (Pres Athenry) placed 7th in the Intermediate Girls high jump with 1.50m while Leanagh Gilligan (St Brigid’s) placed 6th in the Junior Girls long jump with a best of 4.84m and 9th in the triple jump with a best of 9.01m. Dearbhaile Walsh (Seamount) placed 6th in the Intermediate Girls 1500m Steeplechase in a time of 5.42.87. Conor Roberts (Colaiste Bhaile Chlair) took 8th place in the Minor Boys long jump with a best of 4.85 while Garvin Surlis (The Bish) was fractionally behind in 9th place with a best of 4.83m. Damien O’Boyle took 6th place in the Senior Boys 5000m in a time of 15.45.31 while younger sister Leigha took 11th place in the discus with a best of 14.32m.

In the relays, the Calasanctius team of Caoilin Milton, Laura Nally, Lorraine Delaney and Caoimhe O’Donoghue had a strong run to take 5th place in the Intermediate Girls 4x100m in a time of 51.38 while the Pres Athenry Senior Boys team were unfortunate to be disqualified for a zone fault.

Terrific Performances at City & County Sports

Craughwell Athletics - Thu, 2016-07-07 01:02



IMG 2898

Ballymana NS Senior Girls 4x100m Team - Silver Medalists in the County Sports in Dangan

Primary schools athletics took centre-stage recently with the Galway County Sports and Galway City Sports taking place in Dangan.

In the County Sports, it was a particularly good day for Clarinbridge NS with victories in both the U13 Boys 4x100m (Gavin Lee, Liam Leen, Sean fox, Conor Hoade) and U13 Girls 4x100m (Saoirse Moore, Evie Ayo, Annie de Hora, Siofra Boland). Ballymana NS took the silver medals in the U13 Girls 4x100m with Laoise Bond, Aine Kelly, Ava Finn and Saorise Dooley. In the individual events, Clarinbridge NS also had plenty of success with Saoirse Moore taking bronze in the U13 Girls 800m, Gavin Lee and Liam Leen gold and silver in the U13 Boys 800m, Cian Lavan bronze in the U11 Boys 400m and Sean Lavan silver in the U9 Boys 400m. Sean Cotter (Gaelscoil de hIde) took bronze in the U13 Boys 800m while Ballymana NS’s Aine Kelly took bronze in the U13 Girls 100m and Daniel Galvin took silver in the U11 Boys 400m.

IMG 3009

Craughwell NS Senior Girls 4x100m Team - silver medallists in the City Sports in Dangan

Meanwhile on the following day in the City Sports which Craughwell NS has traditionally contested, the school had some exceptional performances with 5 sets of relay medals and 3 individual medals. The school took the gold in the U13 Boys 4x100m (Lukas Schukat, Robert Urquhart, Kieran O'Connor, Shaun Gilligan, Padraig Martyn, Liam Mulveen, Gavin Kelly, Ross McGuinness), gold in the U9 Girls 4x100m (Katie Slevin, Isabel Schukat, Mollie Gilligan, Ella Farrelly, Katelyn Walsh, Sarah Creaven), silver in the U13 Girls 4x100m (Molly Sullivan, Emma Jane Moran, Edel Farrelly, Aoife Kelly, Niamh Griffin, Emily Miskella, Rebekah Flynn), bronze in the U11 Girls 4x100m (Erin Kelly, Jade Moorhead, Grace Lynch, Chloe Hallinan, Rachel O'Callaghan, Clodagh O'Meara) and bronze in the U9 Boys 4x100m (Cian Farrell, Darragh Kelly, Keelan Moorhead, Ben Moran, Ethan Waters). In the individual events Shaun Gilligan raced to gold in the U13 Boys 100m as did Jade Moorhead in the U11 Girls 400m, while Ella Farrelly took bronze in the U9 Girls 60m and Katelyn Walsh was very unlucky to be just pipped on the line for the bronze medal in the U9 Girls 400m.

Lakeland Trails - Adam runs 55km race

Athenry AC News - Wed, 2016-07-06 21:48

"What am I doing this for?"

Despite the number of times that question had popped into my head over the last few weeks, the only time on the day of the Ultimate Trails 55km that it crossed my mind was standing on the start line in the rain. I've been fearful of running long distances in wet weather after becoming close to hypothermic at the end of the legendary 2012 edition of the Greater Manchester Marathon and the thought of many hours in Lake District rain didn't fill me with much enthusiasm. That feeling was made even worse by the race director ending his safety briefing by telling us the course was actually more like 58km.

"Am I fit enough? Have I done enough hill work?"

I guess, these were the underlying questions. I'd run 50km before, twice, but on loops around basically flat courses in Irish forest parks. Ahead of me was a distance I didn't know if I could complete plus climbs to Kirkstone Pass, Grisedale Hause, Silver How, Blea Tarn and Loughrigg. As it turned out the climbing was fine, but my nemesis continues to be rocky descents. Having sprained my left ankle in both 2014 and 2015 on this kind of terrain I was determined to finish and paid for tentative, unpractised off road downhill running by losing places and time.

"What am I doing this for?"

Why would I risk this kind of terrain again? Ever since discovering that there was such a thing as mountain ultra running while working alongside Lizzy Hawker, the five time Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc winner (go and read her book "Runner" for some inspiration) I've wanted to see if I could do one. One of my dream races is the UTMB's little sister, the Courmayeur-Champex-Chamomix race. And on the start line in Ambleside there was the promise of qualifying points awaiting at the finish.

And how was the race?

The weather never managed to make its mind and I ran changing in and out of my waterproof all day. The climb to Kirkstone was entirely runnable thanks to numerous repeats of Letteragh Road in the weeks before the race. I even briefly found myself running in the top ten, before the technical descents started and I slipped back in the field. I had a bad, tired patch at about 20km just before the second check point. But the sandwiches and coke at the feed zone helped me through and on to the biggest climb of the day. Again, a few places lost on the technical portion of the descent but most of them were made up between check points three and four on a beautiful loop of Lansdale with some of the best views that England has to offer, even in the rain. I took some time at the final feed zone to make sure I'd eaten and drunk enough to get to the line. Yet even in the final 10km I was able to move strongly across the two climbs along the way back to Ambleside. About a mile from home, with only a steep tarmac descent left the noise of the finish line was obvious and I could push on to get in in 29th place from 449 runners in 7:06:27.

Would I do it again? Yes. Am I still dreaming of the CCC? Absolutely!

Report: Adam Leadbetter

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Justice is done at last - Olive Loughnane

Athenry AC News - Wed, 2016-07-06 18:43

Congrats to our neighbour, Olive Loughnane, on the latest addition to her medal haul.

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If Only - Martin Keane's latest Masters rambles

Athenry AC News - Wed, 2016-07-06 12:16

Many years ago when the children were young, we decided to go on a family holiday. So one morning with the exception of the kitchen sink we loaded everything and everyone into the car and didn't stop going until we landed somewhere in the middle of France. On arriving there we were amazed at the long straight roads and the miles of vineyards growing in the fields. Soon we were to discover that the grapes growing in the region we were in were the ones used in the making of brandy and that the town of Cognac, home to the Hennessy and Martel distilleries, were only an hour’s drive away. When they finally convinced me to drive on the wrong side of the road, that was our destination for a day’s outing.

While we were doing the tour the guide explained to us that when the brandy is distilled it is put into oak barrels to mature and as it is ageing, it loses a small percentage to evaporation every year, and that goes up to the heavens and it’s called the 'angels share.' Those of us veteran runners know full well that we too lose a percentage every year, and in my case I'm fully aware that the barrel must be nearly empty now…

Maybe that was the reason why this year I decided to have a go at the European Non-Stadia road races which this year were held in Portugal, in a seaside resort called Monte Gordo and that it was beside a bigger town called Vila Real San Antonio, something like Galway and Salthill. Nearly 40 Irish competitors travelled out on different days to it. I went late Wednesday evening, 18th May. On Thursday we went to the Yellow Hotel for to collect our numbers. This was done with military style efficiency. First you produced your passport then they gave you three numbers: one for the front, one for the back, and one for your bag. Then they put a orange band on your wrist, which I presume was some kind of accreditation but also a blue one on the other wrist, which I believe was their way of saying 'thank you'' or 'obrigado' as I was to learn later.

That evening a few of us decided to book a restaurant for a meal. On arriving, we were pleasantly surprised to find the staff had laid a few tables with green and orange table mats and white napkins. They try hard to get the business!

Competitions started on Friday morning with the walking events (Peadar, where were you?) and in the evening the 10K road race. As I wasn't running 'til Sunday morning I decided to go for a walk into Vila Real which was only a bit over two miles away. It was a very nice town on the banks of the river Guadiana, which is very wide river only crossed by a ferry. The river separates Portugal and Spain. The day was very hot and as I was walking home I felt my finger joints swelling up, which I was told the following morning was due to dehydration.

On Saturday the relay events were held, and in the evening the longer walking races. Sunday morning was into the trenches for me as I was doing the half-marathon. On the start line I feared the heat would prevent me from finishing and, or course, I thought I would be the last one to finish. A mile or so into the race, I took that dreaded look over my shoulder. Thank goodness there were a good few stragglers behind me. From there on, without being passed by anyone, I might have overtaken 9 or 10.

Sometime after the race, while a few of us were having a coffee outside a restaurant, our attention was drawn to the loudest cheer of the day, which was kept for a 93 year-old Swiss runner called Albert Stricker who was coming into finish. Albert could have opted for the shorter 10K hell he did.

That evening all the Irish gang assembled for a celebration dinner in the Ocean restaurant, as the team had won 16 medals. Most of them had gone for either the walking events or the 10K, so as I said it was in Monte Gordo, my only bragging right was 'at least I did the Full Monty.’ I had an arrangement with a hackney company to take me to the airport Monday morning, which was about 50 miles away, and for a 9:45AM flight they insisted on picking me up at 5 30AM.

I was happy enough with my race time of 2:03 (page 30 of the linked PDF), which was my best at the distance for a few years but *IF ONLY* those angels would return all the energy they have belonging to me maybe I'd have done better!

To all the Irish contingent Thanks You for your company, especially that vocal support in the last half mile, when it was needed the most. To team manager Michael Fennell, a man who thrives on peoples needs, thanks Mick or should I have said 'obrigado'!

This race will next be held in 2018 in London. If God is still willing and there's a little sup left in the tank, I might do it all again!

Martin Keane.

Editor’s Note:  Martin has since dipped under two hours for the half, in Monivea a few weeks ago, but that is a story for another day!

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Loughrea AC Table Quiz

Athenry AC News - Mon, 2016-07-04 13:41
Loughrea AC are hosting a table quiz on 21 July at 8PM - see attached flyer.   Tables are limited so reserve now! Email Andrea Sellars at for more details. Category: Running News Attachments: loughrea_ac_table_quiz_poster_-_21st_july.jpg

Headford 8KM Result

Athenry AC News - Sun, 2016-07-03 21:41

RedTagTime provided timing services for the 12th running of the Headford 8KM yesterday, Saturday 2 July 2016.  See here and attached!

Over 250 finished in what look like a decent evening's running, over what is not that easy a course.  It is the exactly same route that was employed the first year out back in 2005 and has stood the test of time since!

Category: Race Result Attachments: headford8km_2016.pdf

2016 Headford 8KM Race Report

Athenry AC News - Sun, 2016-07-03 20:57
A week after the Athenry county half marathon it was time for a test over a shorter distance. A good contingent from Athenry AC made the trip to the Headford 8K for this lung buster. The first person I spotted was Marguerite Wilkinson on her warm up, looking fresh after her sub 2 hour half in Monivea the week before.   This race bucked the trend of declining numbers with 250 runners turning out on a muggy July evening for a most worthy fundraiser. All proceeds are directly put to use in supporting children with intellectual disabilities. A group of tireless committee members have raised a whopping €45,000 to date which is really amazing!!   As race tactics were being discussed before the 7pm start a suggestion was made to take a leaf out of Steve Jones book to ditch the watches and run on feel.   The lads in the group were unusually silent, Jane Ann made it clear she was out for a hard training run and not racing, so thankfully Regina stepped up to the mark and game on!!   So I threw my watch in the car and Regina powered her one off as we headed to the start line. After a quick race brief we ran through the town of Headford and out onto the main Galway road. At this point the heavens opened and we received an absolute soaking for the next fifteen minutes.   The race was shaping up-nicely with a group of five or six of us trading places for 2nd place over the first 4km whilst we saw the run away winner disappear in the distance. We found out after that Rory Chaser had broken Paul McNamaras 10 year course record by 10 seconds, running an incredible 24:48.   Back to the battle for the other podium spots. The group started to dwindle and at 6km and it was down to Sean Burke (Tuam) Regina Casey (GCH) and I.   No clue how were doing time-wise and not bothered at this stage, the scene was set for the sprint finish. As we turned back on to the main road through the town each of us nosed ahead over the last kilometer.   The three of us gasping for breath passed the finish line within seconds of each other. Luck was on my side and I managed to stay ahead with Sean finishing 3rd and Regina 4th place overall and 1st Female. A quick glance at the clock on the way in and 28:30 was a very welcome sight, PB's all round!   Thanks to Regina for keeping us lads honest and great to see her going from strength to strength!   David Meehan was next home in 29:08 (PB) with Jane Ann hot on his heels in 29:24 and 2nd woman. Chris Deakin also ran a PB in 29:46 taking a prize for 2nd in category. Deirdre Brophy was next club person home in a time of 32:11.   Other runs of note from the club were Adrian Fitzmaurice, Margurite Wilkinson, Daniel Broderick, Micheal McDonagh, Stephanie Duane and Sonia Broderick.   Back to the clubhouse where the coffee and feast of cakes was more than welcome. Chatted to a few clubmates including Adrian Fitzmorris and Sonia Broderick and all agreed it was a race we will return to again next year if we are lucky enough.   *Special mention to the local Headford Care Plus Pharmacy who had a car load of top class goodie bags which included a digital thermometer amongst many other useful gifts. I can imagine that most of us would have warning symbols flashing if we were to use them after crossing the line.   Report by Gearoid Rohan   See photos from Headford, Saturday 2 July 2016, here. Category: Race Reports

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An Evening with Steve Jones - Running Simplified

Athenry AC News - Fri, 2016-07-01 12:40
Loughrea Athletic Club are hosting "An Evening with Steve Jones - Running Simplified"   Time: 7pm Date: Saturday, 9th July 2016 Venue: Loughrea Hotel & Spa ( Slieve Aughty Suite) Entry: €10   Steve Jones, former British Olympian for 10,000 metres and World Record Breaker for a Marathon is in Loughrea! He has kindly agreed to share some of his life experience and training tips with us on Saturday, 9 July.   Steve Jones broke the world marathon record on his first ever completed marathon. For anyone with an interest in running this talk will be worth attending.   Proceeds are going to the continued development of a new mixed use pitch in Loughrea Athletic Club, Bushfield. Category: Running News

July Summer Camp Moved to August

Craughwell Athletics - Wed, 2016-06-29 13:23

For a number of reasons the club have had to move the July summer camp due to start next Monday 4th July to August ... merging it with our August camp on 15th August.

The parents who had booked for July have all agreed to switch to August, with a refund provided to one parent who could not move. Thank you everyone for your understanding.

As a result the August camp will be bigger and better with over 20 advance bookings already so please get your booking in early as its expected to fill up. Application form is here:- is currently experiencing issues

Blacknight Status Blog - Tue, 2016-06-28 10:40 is currently experiencing issues and an engineer is investigating. Update : The server is back online and a hard disk has been replaced.  Performance may be impacted while Raid rebuilds the the new disk.  

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