My chip-time = my race-time or I have been assigned "No Time" in the results data - what does this mean?

  • Posted on: 13 August 2015
  • By: seamusc
  • Reason for chip-time = race-time in results data: No detection of the chip at the start-line but positive detection at finish-line
  • Participant listed as "No Time" in results data: No detection at the finish-line (or commentator's pickup antenna on the course) but positive detection at the start-line.

 Non-detection of timing chips are typically due to some or all combinations of the following issues: 

  1. wearing of clothing over the race number (bib)
  2. arm held across the race number to start/stop/check a stopwatch
  3. race number folded horizontally affecting the chip antennae (chips are mounted vertically on the bib to align with number digits so as to minimise the risk of damage from folding even if logos are folded down to make the bib more compact)
  4. officials/spectators/other athletes standing in front of the finish-line antennae (only a couple of cases of this scenario typically occur during any race and only either primary or backup antennae tend to be covered at any one time)
  5. timing chip failure (less likely as two chips are present on the race number/bib - unless both chips happen to be damaged by folding mentioned above)

 As you can see, timing a field as large as presents in the "Streets of Galway", is quite a complex and technical matter and participants can often increase the risk of failing to record a chip time by how they use their number.