What happens at the finish-line?

  • Posted on: 16 May 2014
  • By: seamusc

You will be advised to keep moving at the finish-line and onwards through the finishing chute to facilitate runners coming in directly after you. You will be able to collect water beyond the finishing line. You must have your race-number(bib)/timing chip to get an official finishing time. Further, there will be a post-race reception in the Galway Rovers clubhouse on Nimmo's Pier (serving tea and brack along with other refreshments, for which the Streets of Galway has become famous for over the years!) at which the race-prizes will be presented. Note - you should not under any circumstances, return to the area immediately around the race finish after you have completed the course. The main reason for this instruction is that if you are still wearing your timing chip at this point, it may again be detected by the timing system sensors at the finish-line and may record additional erroneous timing data against your race-number. Further, you may cause a health and safety issue by moving against the flow of traffic in the one-way finishing chute.