Cancellation of Galway County Indoors for Sat next Jan 9th

  • Posted on: 6 January 2010
  • By: BernieK

The following message has just been issued by the County Board Chairman, Brendan Monaghan:

"I am sorry to report that on safety grounds the Galway County Indoors scheduled to take place on Saturday next 9th Jan 2010 has been cancelled. I would like to thank everybody who replied to e-mails and the very helpful advice I received from a number of clubs and officials before we made the final decision today.
The weather forecast is not good over the next few days with severe frost and possibly rain and snow and the safety of our athletes and their families has to take precedence. Even if we did travel to Nenagh via Limerick or other National Routes we all know that the Indoor arena can be quite cold!! and there is the danger of injuries etc.

We have decided to cancel now to allow clubs to notify athletes and bus companies and also to notify Nenagh that we will not be going ahead.
Nenagh have advised me that the only free dates they have at the moment are 20 & 21st March and they expect those dates to go soon so rescheduling may be difficult. We could consider alternative competitions eg. outdoor competition in Dangan when the weather improves.

We hope this cancellation does not cause too many difficulties for clubs and would welcome your views and feedback/opinions good or bad, positive or negative please feel free to let us know."


Only in Ireland.. ! but there really was no choice but to cancel it , dead right to make an early call. Just shows the dearth of athletics/potential athletics facilities indoors in the country, Nenagh and Belfast are these the only ones??

Isn't there an indoor track in some hotel in Mayo??

You are thinking of the Breaffy Sports & Events Arena just outside Castlebar.
I looked up the website and it has 'Indoor 60m running tracks' - I don't think we could run a competition on that!

True. I hadn't ever seen it. I just heard about it.